Monday, September 14, 2009

Masks For An Oily Skin

1.Fuller's Earth Mask-For this you need 1 tbsp fuller's Earth and rose water to make a solution.Spread the paste over your face if it has blemishes or is greasy.If rose water is not available, witch hazel may be used as a substitute.
2.Orange Mask-For this you need half a cup oatmeal, juice of half an orange,glycerine and a little egg white to make a paste.Beat the egg white and then add the oatmeal and juice to it.The glycerine is to moisturise the skin.The egg white gets rid of wrinkles and the orange is just to feed the skin.With this mask, open pores and greasy complexions are miraculously rejuvenated.Normal skins can also be treated with these masks.
3.Honey Mask-The best way to use the honey face mask is to dip your fingers into a bowl of fresh warm water and then dip it into honey.Spread the honey over your face and throat with an upward movement and avoid the eye regions.Let the honey get absorbed into your skin and then wash with warm water.This leaves the skin glowing like pearls.
4.Cucumber And Milk Mask-This is wonderful for lightening up the skin, cleaning it, toning it and getting rid of sunburn.Extract the juice of a cucumber.You can use the pith as extra cleansing material after you have used the face mask.Add the white of an egg and a little bit of milk powder and rose water for a beautiful smell.Spread this paste all over your face and neck.This is wonderful for toning and moisturising your face, whatever your age is.It is completely natural and has no side-effects.
5.Kaolin Mask-Mix 3 tsp of kaolin with half a tsp each of rose-water, glycerine and tincture of benzoin; both kaolin and tincture of benzoin can be easily be procured at the drug shop.Apply the mask with a brush, leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off with warm water.Your skin will appear soft and smooth with a glowing colour.

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