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Blusher intro
A blusher adds life and vitality to your complexion. Your perfect blush shade is the colour of your cheeks when you are flushed or exercising. Colour by Oriflame Duo Blush is a sheer powder blush that gently veils your skin with just a hint of natural colour. Choose between three tints: Almost Nude, Natural Peach and Natural Spice.

How to apply:
Apply sparingly with a blusher brush. Start with just a little blush and then build up gradually for a natural look. Don't panic if you overdo it! Tone down the colour using a translucent powder.

Quick tip
Always apply your blusher after you have completed your eye and lip make-up. This way you can adjust the intensity of the colour to suit the rest of the face.

Don't apply blusher just to the cheeks! A slight touch to the temples, forehead and chin brings the face together.


More about blushers
You can also use blusher to shape and contour the face, highlighting bone structure and emphasising your best features.

How to apply:
Oval face - Add colour to the fullest part of your cheeks. Smile with your mouth closed to find the right starting point.
Round face - Slim down your face with a concentration of colour to the cheekbones, fading out at the temples.
Long face - Make your chin recede with a touch of dark matt blusher on the tip. Use it on the cheekbone, fading out to a lighter shade.
Square face - Add colour from just below the cheekbone and blend outwards, then stroke the same colour along your jaw line to soften it.

Quick tips
For evening try a slightly darker shade than you would normally wear so that the effect is visible in evening light.

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