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Choosing foundation type
The reason for applying foundation is to get a smooth and even finish to your skin. Liquid foundation is most commonly used because it is easy to apply. However, compact foundations are excellent alternatives as they give an even finish, which doesn’t have to be set with powder.

Quick tip
The liquid foundations are available in five different tints; Natural Ivory, Natural Beige, Sand, Honey Amber and Cinnamon. Hold the catalogue colour chart against your jaw line or the inside of your arm to see which shade is best for you.


Liquid foundation benefits
Flawless Foundation is a good choice for any skin type. It immediately hides any facial imperfections and gives an invisible finish.
T-Balance Foundation is intended for combination skin, it moisturises dry areas and controls oily areas. Gives an even skin coverage and a matt finish.
Aquasurge Foundation is a super-hydrating all-day foundation that provides light to medium coverage for normal to dry skin. All of these foundations contain the new innovative plant mix 3-PhytoActiveTM and SPF 8.

For more choices, please also check the Giordani Gold and the Visions products ranges!

How to apply:
Apply over face and neck or just specific areas using a sponge. Start in the centre and blend outwards until completely absorbed.

Quick tips:
Don’t drag your skin when applying the foundation, dot it on for a more natural look.


Compact foundation benefits
If you have normal to combination skin, Compact Foundation might be a good alternative for you. It is a creamy foundation that gives a powder finish. This compact foundation gives a natural matt finish and contains vitamin E, arnica oil and UV absorbers for extra protection.

How to apply:
Apply all over face and neck, or just specific areas where needed. Use a sponge to apply starting in the centre and blending outwards

Quick tips:
Remember that compact foundations are easily carried for quick touch-ups!


Setting the foundation
Powder will add the finishing touch to your foundation and help maintain a fresh, smooth look throughout the day. Loose powder is finer and lighter than pressed powder. Fine Finish Loose Powder contains oil controlling ingredients to help reduce shine.

Pressed powder is a cake of face powder that is pressed into a mirrored compact. It has the benefit of being easily carried for touch-ups during the day.
T-Balance Pressed Powder for normal to combination skin contains a sebum regulating active to prevent shine and control pore oil production. Flawless Pressed Powder gives invisible coverage and a natural matt finish. Contains light diffusing pigments to blur imperfections.

How to apply:
For the most professional finish, apply with a brush. After dipping your brush into the loose powder, tap the brush handle against the back of your hand. This removes the excess powder for a super-light finish.

Quick tip
When applying the powder, follow the direction of your facial hair for a natural look.

Never put too much on and be particularly careful around the eyes, where powder can easily settle into fine lines and so accentuate them.

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