Monday, June 29, 2009

Nail Buffer Set

A three step nail buffer set to shape and buff nails. Colour coded in burgundy, orchid and white 14.2cm each

How to use?
Remove nail polish using nail polish remover
Use no1 buffer to clean the nails, just rub onver the nails. All dead cells and few traces of nail polish will be removed. Use to clean the edges also.. All parts..
Next use the no2 to condition the nails. Use it as u do it previously.
Last is the no3 for shine..

Use each of the buffer for around 2 min each on nails..
After using the shine buffer u will wish to leave the nails as such... No polish will be required..

If u have long nails, clean the under nails with other tools that come with manicure set.
This is for the top of nails..


  1. it is faboulous i lyk it very much thx oriflame for made such a superb nails buffer set:))

  2. thanks a lot <3

  3. i hv just ordered ths nail buffer set...........but i didnt knw hw to use it cos thre wereno instructions on the packing. but i found the method here.