Monday, June 29, 2009

Glow with Fruit Packs

Fruits are the easiest source for improving our body from inside and outside. Well, everybody talks very high of eating fruits. Let us talk a little about unique qualities of fruits as Face-packs.

Apples: The Doctors can be kept at a distance if you consume 'Apple a day'. You know why? Well it has minerals, vitamins, pectin and tannin. It all helps in improving blood circulation. It is equally effective in toning and tightening the skin. Put apple in mixie and add a teaspoon of glycerin. Apply the mix on your face for 15 minutes. Wash it with cold water and gain relief from sun burnt skin. Add two teaspoons of grated apple with two pieces of mashed papaya, one teaspoon of fresh cream and a spoon of china clay. Mix it properly and apply on the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes and relish healthy looking skin

Bananas: Revitalize dry skin, tighten and clean the pores of your face by adding a teaspoon of honey into two ripe mashed bananas. Apply the mix on your face. Wash it with clean water after 15 minutes. It will reveal soft, supple and hydrated skin.

Oranges: Indian Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain recommends rubbing fresh orange peels on the skin to tighten it. It will also lighten the color of the skin. The citrus family is best known for its astringent properties.

Papayas: Papaya is an excellent cleanser. It has enzyme papain. It revives blemished and undernourished and oily skin. Mix papaya pulp with oatmeal and honey/curd and apply on face. Wash it after 15 minutes. Papaya pulp mixed with cucumber pulp and applied below eyes will help in minimizing the dark circles.

Pomegranates: Face scrubs of pomegranates remove excess oil from your face and make the skin look fresh. Pomegranates juice acts as an astringent and it is a natural toner.
Massage your face with pomegranate juice with a cotton wool. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it for an instant glow.


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