Friday, June 26, 2009

Face Mask - Tips

Applying a mask is an art. But most of us don't know that. We just plaster it over our faces so violently that it gets into our hair, our clothes and onto our floor! Take a leaf out of our tip list on how to apply and shop for a mask that's ideal for your skin type


. For dry to normal skin use a nourishing mask.
. For oily skin use a mask with a clay base such as ZIRH's Clay Mask (From the company that provides stars and celebrities with their skincare products.)
. If you have blackheads, but no pimples and acne, go in for a grainy mask.
. If you have acne, no grainy masks, please!
. Peel-off masks are usually suited to all skin types (except if you have acne or a rash)


. The first step is to equip your makeup kit with a flat wide brush. Avoid fingers!
. Be sure to knot your hair back, or gather it in a scarf or a headband. Your forehead should be completely visible and free of hair.
. Wear clothing that will leave the neck area open.
. Start applying the mask with your brush, using even strokes. Be careful to avoid the lips and the sensitive area around the eyes and include the neck area.
. Retain the mask for at least 20 minutes (unless a particular timeframe is
mentioned on the tube).
. To remove the mask, moisten with some water and rub it off the skin gently.
. In the case of peel-off masks, you will have to peel-off! Also rinse the face with plenty of water, incase the layer persists.
. Use circular strokes.

A few `must dos' before wearing a face mask.
. Always clean face thoroughly before applying the mask.
. Mask eyes and mouth area with a protective cream
. Do not allow the mask to crack on face, wash it off with 20 minutes with warm boiled water.
. Apply moisturizer after removing mask.


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