Monday, June 29, 2009

Advanced sun care you can trust

The range includes advanced sun protection for the whole family as well as a series of moisturising After sun products, which will restore your skins moisture balance and provide 24h hydration.

12903 - Sol kids 25 Medium Coloured Sun Spray

Medium protection, water-resistant SPF 25 kids sun spray.
Coloured formula controls application and instantly absorbs. Vitamins E & B5 boost skin moisturisation.125 ml.
12534 - Sol family 6 Low Sun Tanning Oil

Water-resistant SPF 6 tanning oil for dark or deeply tanned skin. 150 ml.
12513 - Sol family 10 Low Clear Sun Spray

Transparent, water resistant SPF 10 spray with easy hold grip. 150 ml.
12509 - Sol family 15 Medium Sun Lotion Spray

Quick-penetrating, SPF 15 sun spray with easy hold grip. 150 ml.
12902 - Sol anti-ageing 20 Medium Face Sun Cream

Sun protection for the face. UV filters help prevent sunburn, premature wrinkles and dark spots.Vitamin E and glycine soja soften and smooth. 75 ml.


12540 - Soothing 24hr hydration

Intensely moisturising after sun balm leaves skin soothed, cool and comfortable. Shea butter nourishes and protects. Carrot oil is a natural tan enhancer. Advance Moisture Complex locks in moisture. 150 ml.
12901 - Sol family After Sun Soothing Lotion

Soothing shea butter and allantoin calms irritated, sun-exposed skin. Advanced Moisture Complex restores skin’s moisture balance to prolong your beautiful, natural tan. 200 ml.
15357 - Sol family After Sun Shimmering Lotion

Fast-penetrating after sun lotion formulated with golden shimmer for instant iridescence. Advanced Moisture Complex intensively hydrates. Allantoin and shea butter soothe. 200 ml.

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